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I agree with you about the human life issue- I believe that at the moment of conception, a life has been formed. And I ask myself, and I’m sure others do to.. if you believe that a life has been formed at conception, why are you pro-choice?

I think I have misrepresented myself here. I am upset about the Bishops decision to deny me and many others like me communion. I see where people are coming from, I believe I really do. I’m not defending abortion and I would never chose it.

God gives us many choices. My choice is to defend a womans right. My reasons for this choice are reasons some don’t agree with. I’m thinking about the huge amount of people in our society who don’t see this issue from the same light as many Catholics do. I’m thinking about the women and girls who would go to any extreme to have an abortion, whether illegal or not. No matter how unsafe. I’m thinking about the women whose lives are severly threatented by childbirth. What about in their case? Some people may not think it is a ‘right’ of a woman to make this choice, but I do.

I’m not trying to change anyones mind here, I’m just trying to explain myself a little better.

Pamela said it very well. Childbearing is a very emotional issue. In my case, it is not childbearing personally, but- anything that has to do with this-is very emotional.