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Hello again Tee, and other website friends, it is good to see all the response. But I see that Tee posts at 4am on mycomputer time, and Jon at 2 am, :shock:

Tee-from my perspective-DON’T be afraid to PRAY. In prayer you talk out your thoughts, problems, and desires to your Heavenly Father who will never forsake you. A little aside; in CCD class we have been borrowing a lesson from somewhere and using it consistantly, that is instructing our students to commit A.C.T.S. of prayer. A=adoration,C=contrition,T=thanksgiving,S=supplication(requests). If you will notice the Lord’s Prayer is a simple short prayer that contains all those elements.

At the moment I have not much to reply to the rest of your latest post(excuse me I don’t have the techno-know how to highlight parts of others posts), I do empathize with your one comment though regarding the comment of the pastor who told you to realize what a temptation women are to celibate men (or I suppose non-celibate also). I empathasize because many times I ponder why it seems we all seem to pay the price for the entrance of sexual misuse and abuse into the world. It does seem to cloud up the gifts we have of nurturing and demonstrating affection to one another.

Just a thought.
And I hope you early birds get some rest. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />