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[quote:3joappxo][quote:3joappxo]debating, for me, is, as you wrote, more for those in attendance…but that’s actually a good thing, because many, if not all, of those in attendance might never actually get the chance to hear the Catholic position on a given subject otherwise[/quote:3joappxo]

Absolutely. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> In fact, if it hadn’t been for those online debates then I wouldn’t have learned all that I know about our faith. I am thankful for that dialogue.

So, Cathman, do you do many face to face debates or is it mostly online? I’ve always found online to be kind of tough because you may write something and think that the other party will understand, but then it gets taken totally the wrong way sometimes. And then face to face – that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. :shock:[/quote:3joappxo]

Hi Jon,
I’ve done five or six formal, face to face public debates (with a moderator, audience, taped, etc), and only one online debate…there are obviously pros and cons associated for each; for example, in a public, face to face debate, you often don’t have the convience of searching through your resources looking for that *killer* quote, as you do in an online, written debate; the flip side of this is that in public debates, your enthusiasm and zeal for the faith can be projected to the audience, in a way that is not possible in a written forum.
And you’re right: misunderstandings can crop up in a written debate, and while you can correct them in an addendum, this lacks the spontenaity the public forum accords you…and then there’s the Q & A session of a public debate, which is, for me, my favorite part of any debate (as strange as that might sound)…in the Q & A session, you never really know what you’re going to have thrown at you; there’s an excitement there that draws you, and the feeling that you’re doing good for God’s people, as well as for those who are searching.
Gotta run, lots of yardwork to do:)
Looking forward to more discussions.
God Bless,