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Hi, Jon…and thanks for your prompt reply! <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

The Altar and Rosary Society, as far as my experience goes, is made up of women who clean the church, set up for events like weddings and holidays, make luncheons after funerals, and (sometimes) say a Rosary for a pressing intention.

That’s exactly what I mean about women’s roles in the Church…yes, church secretaries, CCD teachers, etc. are often women. Yet the Church hierarchy is entirely composed of men. The men have ALL the authority. Women are relegated to doing things the men don’t want or need to do, like baking brownies for “Father”. Sheesh. :rolleyes:

There are some really bright women in the Church…Sr. Joan Chittister comes to mind. Yet the Archbishop of Atlanta can decide that women are not welcome to have their feet washed at the yearly ceremony on Holy Thursday, and that’s okay. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />

My priest friend did not choose to discuss with me his issues with our friendship, to my great dismay. And I was told by his deacon that “whatever he needed to do was right, because he IS the pastor, and it is HIS decision what is appropriate.” I was given NO opportunity to voice an opinion, because I’m not a man?!? In the business world, I am an equal with my peers. Gender isn’t an issue. Yet in the religious world, I am only equal to other women.

I just don’t get it.