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Okay, perhaps my term ‘new creation’ was incorrect. What I meant was more in line with Berrycat’s description that all children are created by God, and all are precious. That those engaging in destructive activities are lost in the darkness

I suppose we could debate about those who see the light but purposely shun it. Yet I really believe that many somehow just do not understand how very much God loves them.

From what I have experienced, it is when a person realizes, experiences, or is suddenly overwhelmed with the knowledge that they are loved so much,–this is when they make a turning point in their life.

There is a popular Christian song out now by Casting Crowns. Some of the lyrics ask, ” If we are the Body why aren’t His arms reaching? If we are the Body, why aren’t His Feet going?” The song illustrates that God indeed has everlasting love for His creation—-but He needs us to help deliver it here on earth. My view is that when we fail to be The Body of Christ, then we fail those that most need His Love and Mercy.

This is a lengthy response I hope my words make sense. <img decoding=:” title=”Question” />