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Do I know many Catholics? Who knows? Most never mention it, at least around here. You could jeapordize your career and social standing, I think.

You’re from ‘up north,’ I see, so you might not be aware that the south is still a land of suspicion and intolerence. Not that this is necessarily bad, but it’s true. I have a friend who is a charismatic and attends one of those ‘blab it and grab it’ churches. Never get sick or have a check bounce if you know Jesus, kind of thing.

She’s an EMT, and likes to tell a story about confronting a young man who was into Dungeons and Dragons (aren’t they always?) and had consequently become demon possessed. The demon recognized her Christianity but not that of her Catholic co-worker.

Most of the RC’s I have known are no longer believers or now in Protestant churches. Of course, given the locally prevalent mind-set, that makes sense.

I’m fifty, and my friend, Billy, used to pass along the comic books he got from Church when we were pre-teen, until my mother found them and made me take them back. I don’t remember what they were called, sorry. They were pretty cool, I remember.