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My kids have gone to Catholic schools since Kindergarten, we go to mass every Sunday, we have what I would describe a Catholic household. Recently my high schooler had a friend ask him to go with his church on a weekend trip with his church. Since this friend went to Catholic high school I assumed he was Catholic and that this would be with his Catholic Church – wrong! After I gave him permission I found out this was not a Catholic church trip but rather a protestant trip. I have no problem with my son being friends with this boy as he and his family are very nice people but not knowing the content of this trip it scared me. Fortunately my son had a conflict for the weekend and wasn’t able to go.

I feel that as a Catholic parent raising my kids Catholic that I have not done enough to educate them in the Catholic teachings and beliefs. But, I also feel that the Catholic school has not done enough either. My fear for this trip was that my son be challenged in his beliefs just enough to put the seed of doubt in his mind. I was challenged 5 years ago and could have easily, through ignorance, left the Church. It has taken 5 years of study to know that the Catholic Church is the church that Jesus Christ instituted. But is my 15 year old equipped to answer these questions?

So, now I am teaching the kids as I learn about various teachings and beliefs of the Catholic church, but I also need help from the Catholic school system as well as the parish who can’t seem to attract the attention of the teens in the youth groups.

Is it wrong of me to expect the school and church to help?