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Hi Jon, Oh as a kid I was an alter boy and also song in the choir at church, back in the 50’s and early 60’s things like that always stay with you, I don’t know it just seemed back then everything was much different, it was special, atleast I still remember it that way. So always deep inside I knew for sure that first of all the true church that Jesus started here on earth is the Catholic Church that I was always sure of. Butting getting back to your question what made me decide to come back? I don’t think I really ever left it but I as most people slowly slip away do to the fact of outside influences, such as jobs, looking for you know fun in life, and also remember atleast this is my opinion not a fact. Most people are to full of pride, they can’t be wrong, they can figure lifes problems out by theirselfs. There’s much more I can say on this subject but when all is said and done man always knew all along he needed help, man knows inside, a feeling a need for something that nothing here on earth can give him.

I don’t know if you heard of Fr. John Corapi, but his life and mine where quite similar in ways and we’re farely close in age also. If you get a chance there’s an audio tape out by him on his life story. His story will in most ways tell you my story. He has a website I believe it’s http://www.fathercorapi.com about the only thing different from the good Father and myself in his story is I never was a rich man money wise.