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I really want to be convinced that this is borderline first commandment at the very least—-then I could go on to something else. I am looking up articles on hypnosis

but from my understanding, while under a trance the subject/patient is suggestible to the ‘therapist’ as well as any other influences floating around out there—-in fact the hypnotist cautions the audience to remain silent for some parts. Yesterday these folks were in a trance for over 20 minutes.[/quote:3qdkcsrg]

Hmmm…you have a point – I didn’t really think of that before. I glanced over the section about the 1st Commandment quickly because I had quite a number of things to accomplish today.

I suppose you’re right, but here’s another one for you: God gives us free will, so does that mean we can choose to surrender that free will?
And it’s ok, be an activist, don’t worry about what other people think. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />