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Since Benedict has touched on the larger points of what you said, I will do the other ones.

[quote:30azt5i9]do you guys know that there is a whole ‘gothic catholicism’ sub-culture out there. it doesn’t really surprise me. this religion always seemed a bit ‘dark’ to me. [/quote:30azt5i9]

How one twists the religion does not make the religion. Just because there is a gothic Catholicism sub-culture does not mean that all of Catholicism is like that or that it should be charaterized by a twisted sub-culture. Catholicism embraces the teachings of Jesus who is light. If there is a darkness about something it is not of God.

Also, your constant jabs at Catholicism will not be tolerated much longer. I have done nothing to take a stab at honosexuality, but merely explain the Church’s teaching.

[quote:30azt5i9]i am not really trying to associate or compare you guys to the kkk. but just the whole idea of baptizing my kid into an organization that does not accept/tolerate/understand his/her parents…seems silly. [/quote:30azt5i9]

And yes, you are comparing us to the KKK, but I suppose anyone that disagrees with you is a hater and a bigot. That’s the gay agenda.

Catholicism does not teach that homosexual people are intrinsicly evil yet you insist on making comments like they do. I think once you remove the blinds of prejudice from yuor eyes you will see this.

There are many things which God does not accept/tolerate etc. It makes absolutely no difference to God what you want to believe, but if you want to follow God then there are certain things you must believe. You can do whatever you want in life because God gave us free will, but you cannot do whatever you want and expect it to be just fine with God.

I think I should be allowed to have multiple wives. Why won’t the Catholic Church accept that? Why won’t the state accept that?

Chloe, what do you think of polygamy? Here’s an exercise for you. Insert the word “polygamy” in every place you hear “gay marriage” and see how that makes you feel. It is essentially the same argument!

[quote:30azt5i9]as long as you don’t peep into our bedroom… there is no ‘scandalous’ or ‘alternative’ behavior to be seen.[/quote:30azt5i9]

So are you admitting what you are doing is wrong? Even if gay marriages were condoned by the Church that does not still allow for pre-marital sex. Is that being un-tolerable too? The Church cannot bless whatever you want to do in your life and call it holy. It’s just that simple.

Moving on… :rolleyes:

[quote:30azt5i9]They received in their bodies their just reward, a self-imposed death penalty, a good description of sexually transmitted diseases/STD’s.[/quote:30azt5i9]

nordskoven, these kinds of comments will not be tolerated either. STD’s are not confined to homosexuals and you know that nor did they just appear out of nowhere because gay people were having sex. Many homosexuals and heterosexuals that engage in sexual relations contract an STD so at least be fair.

[quote:30azt5i9]Modern female homosexuals, vessels of creation, have formalized rejection of the Creator and worship of creation with Wicca.[/quote:30azt5i9]

Wicca has been around for hundreds of years. It is not modern female homosexuals that started this religion. It is derived from ancient druidic practices and that style of paganism. Whether it transformed because of women and whatnot is another issue.

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