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When they chose to adore creation in lieu of the Creator, God gave them over to their choice–a life without the God’s beneficent influence. This uniquely targets and emphasizes the revolt against the Lord in His role as Creator.

They received in their bodies their just reward, a self-imposed death penalty, a good description of sexually transmitted diseases/STD’s. Modern female homosexuals, vessels of creation, have formalized rejection of the Creator and worship of creation with Wicca. Male homosexual culture is absorbed with THINGS as exemplified in “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and other food and decorator-centric THINGS.

NAMBLA was aided in its foundation by the criminal, Father Paul Shanley, financed by his bishop in his “ministry” to this sexual counter-culture. The North American Man-Boy Love Association is just a continuation of the push by pederast Alfred “Proc” Kinsey to get sex with children normalized and legalized. Kinsey studied the molestation of kids as young as six months, and interpreted their cries and screams as a pleasure response.

This formidable perversion has so undermined and invaded the culture that the F.B.I. doesn’t even keep statistics on the rape of children under twelve. This is doubtless a legacy of J. Edgar “Mary” Hoover. The exploitation of children is central to satanic praxis, and surfaces in victims who recount their stories to therapists.

Chicago’s Cardinal Bernardin was involved in the “Boy’s Club” and the the victim who recanted his accusations was actually bought off by a large cash settlement and publicly and perversely given a sacred chalice by Bernardin! Novelist Father Andrew Greeley claims murders have been perpetrated by this group.

No homosexual activist group has ever formally decried the goals of NAMBLA. Pederasty is a homosexual tradition. Marriage is not. Particularly disturbing on the NAMBLA website are the supportive lesbian-feminist writers, Camille Paglia and Kate Millet.

Love isn’t sex, it’s selflessness. Marriage is that uniting of two into one, paralleling the genetic conjoining that creates new life. This two-into-one creates the greatest opportunity for selflessness ever conceived, the raising of a new life.

Dr. Nicolosi has aided dissatisfied homosexuals in normalizing their desires, and found the formula that spawned their practice was: no emotional bond with their same-gender parent; and an aggravating factor of sexual victimization as a child. Homosexuals are made by indifferent parents and sexual predation. May the Lord turn the hearts of parents to their children, and children to their parents. May the Holy Angels of God, led by St. Michael, mightily protect all God’s children.