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hello again.

we have been going ’round and ’round with the whoe baptism topic.

i do (really) understand the ‘meaning’ behind it all. and i do not think it its a bad thing. just something that one should decide on there own. my church did baptisms as well. but when the individual decided that they wanted to accept Jesus…..etc.

although i see no real harm in it…. it just seems sort of ‘not right’. i mean would a bi-racial couple baptize their kid into the kkk. what if the mom was all white? but the dad was black? and that was her family’s tradition?

i am not really trying to associate or compare you guys to the kkk. but just the whole idea of baptizing my kid into an organization that does not accept/tolerate/understand his/her parents…seems silly.

on a side note. (and i hope i am not ranting. because i tend to sometimes when i am passionate about something.)
what is up with the whole ‘alternative lifestyle’ term? i know that it means ‘different or unconventional’… but man. i so do not think that term applies to us. we have a wide circle of friends (straight and gay). and out of ALL of them we are by far the most ‘normal’ and definitely the most conservative. do you guys know that there is a whole ‘gothic catholicism’ sub-culture out there. it doesn’t really surprise me. this religion always seemed a bit ‘dark’ to me. but anyways, one (straight) couple that we are friends with are into that. that are a bit on the odd (and a little scary) side.
we are addicted to reality television shows. we go to church on sundays. we do not smoke. drink occasionally (moderately/socially). usually have BBQ’s on saturdays when it is warm enough. we vote and volunteer in the community. (which is saying a lot when only a small % of our peer group does). i cook every night. except fridays and sundays. we do bicker about whose turn it is to wash dishes or clean the bathroom. we love to play boardgames/cards with the couple (straight ) next door on saturday nights. we are both getting an education. i have my b.s. and am pursuing a law degree. she is majoring in biology and wants to go to dental school.

we are a boring couple. and yet i feel as thought people percieve us as having some swinging/partying lifestyle.

as long as you don’t peep into our bedroom… there is no ‘scandalous’ or ‘alternative’ behavior to be seen.