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Let me state first of all apologies—-I get involved in this great website too late in the day, and I post my replies with my days last reserve of brainpower—hence I am NOT good at expressing myself.

That said- responses to my post regarding Democrat and Republican stereotypes gave me some good food for thought. I wholeheartily agree that those ‘at the top’ in many megabusiness have raped, pillaged, and plundered the ‘little guy’. But what frustrates me is political platforms that are bent are legislating more laws and more programs that just end up requiring more and more and more manpower just for folks to comply. It is like how medicine has come to the point that over 75% of what you pay for has absolutely nothing to do with any of the medicine or services you received—-instead you are paying exhorbitant amounts for the paperpushing, and compliances to regulations, and insurance against even more litigation. We turning into a nation that legislates, litigates, and developes ‘yet another social program’ with no energy left over to actually be productive in anything.

I think Bush had it right a few years back by suggesting that the churches and the private sector have more a part in social welfare. Like you said business has a social responsibility—-but I personally think it is useless to create yet more laws to make that so.

A small example before I sign off. Years ago I worked for a company that still sells research grade chemicals to businesses and universities. The very same chemical that would cost a university or business a few dollars or even a few cents would end up costing government labs literally hundreds of dollars beccause there were pages and pages and pages of ridiculous compliances that needed to be met.

again I have said too much.