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[quote:vljo6nth]He is most certainly not condemning an innate homosexual orientation that he could not have conceived.[/quote:vljo6nth]

I think we’ve already discussed in this topic that we are defining homosexuality as gay sex, not just being gay. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

I will acknowledge that not the Bible nor the Catholic Church say having an innate homosexual orientation is bad, but they do explicitly say that homosexual sex is bad. In fact any sex outside of a procreative, loving marriage is not allowed.

So, in essence, there is nothing wrong with being gay. But being gay is not all about having sex, nor is being a heterosexual all about having sex. There is more to life than sex acts.

[quote:vljo6nth]He probably would not have approved of “paiderastes,” but we do not have his thoughts on the subject.[/quote:vljo6nth]

I’m assuming the word “paiderastes” has something to do with child molestation and no, I doubt Paul would have approved – neither does the Church. What’s your point?