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[quote:1g8e5x1e]So I would agree that the importance/power of a relic is relative to how you relate to the person it remembers.[/quote:1g8e5x1e]

Which kind of goes back to my original post. Those early Christians had a “friend” in heaven and could relate to that person very well because that person was from their community. Today it seems somewhat of an obscure practice because of the shift of the view of God as approachable and our friend and also that not everyone has a saint from his or her community.

I don’t know of any saints from the Twin Cities and if I did I probably would not know the person. But, for example, at least I could identify with that person because I know of the challenges of living here and could see how that person lived so holy even [i:1g8e5x1e]with[/i:1g8e5x1e] those challenges.

^let me know if that doesn’t make sense.