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I found this link some time ago about Catholic voting: http://www.aveproject.com/voter_responsibilities.htm

I’m not saying it is [b:z32wbqtb]the[/b:z32wbqtb] answer, but I do think it is something worth referencing.

Something to keep in mind is that abortion and the death penalty are not the only issues out there upon which we should base our opinion about a candidate. They are important, but they are not the only issues. There are issues such as education, helping the poor, caring for the elderly, Welfare, medical coverage, economy, etc… that we need to be aware of.

Now, what I am stuck with is should I not vote at all or choose the lesser of two evils? Honestly, none of the upcoming presidential candidates from any party are a perfect match to Catholic values so it is a tough decision in my point of view.