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Those are all very good ideas for things to give up or add to your lifestyle during lent. I have also gone the “easy way out” a few years and given up chocolate or candy, or something like that, and I too found that it didn’t bring me much closer to God. I like Berrycat’s way of thinking and am going to try to two things this lenten season. I want to add more prayer to my daily life and I also want to begin more steadily thinking positive. Lately I find myself feeling very overwhelmed, very easily, and by putting trust in God, like Berrycat suggested, I think I will find things a bit less stressful and hopefully getting a little closer with God in my spiritual life. I always go in spurts through my prayer life, doing it pretty regularly and then stopping abruptly for some reason, and hope to kick it in as a habbit that I won’t soon forget.

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