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[quote:80ujcp1x]Many bishops are doing what I believe should be done: refusing them Communion. It is audacious for certain Catholic politicians to openly vote in favor of homosexual marriage or abortion and then think they can still receive the Eucharist.[/quote:80ujcp1x]

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Yeah, this definitely sends a strong message to other people, but it could also backfire on the bishops and there could be a lot of protests. However, I suppose we could say that that is their problem and if they want to sin they can go ahead and do so (by “sin” I mean by supporting abortion and all that).

I also think the local bishop should arrange a meeting with the particular Catholic politician to talk out some of these issues. Of course then you have people like former California governor Gray Davis who doesn’t think the bishop should be telling people how to live their faith (like the bishop has some other duties or something <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />).