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[quote:327dicp8]For example, we have all heard of St. Valentine, but not many know about the fact that he was very rich at one time. He was arrested and put into prison for performing wedding ceremonies; from prison he continued to give ceremonies until his execution. Oddly enough, he enjoyed his life in prison much more than his life as a wealthy and powerful man. I think that there is something intriguing about that. Many saints have had similar realizations.[/quote:327dicp8]

Ok, now that St. Valentine’s Day is coming up in a month (although if you go to the stores you’d swear it was tomorrow) I’ve decided to try and revive this discussion and get it back on topic.

So, what was the big deal about his wedding ceremonies? Was it just the fact that he was performing them and weddings were not allowed? Where did he live that was being so oppressive about weddings?