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Well, as for Gangs of New York, I have never seen that movie, but there are countless other examples of bad movies. It seems that almost every movie has to have some sort of sex scene and/or a lot of killing. There have been way too many movies that revolve around that kind of a “plot.”

Some of the best movies that have come out are the ones that are actually intelligent and original. I think we would have a lot less movies out there if there was a bit more originality in movies. Like the latest James Bond movie was pretty lame. There were no surprises.

I get sick of all the teen movies too like the American Pie stuff. It’s just not that funny. It’s mindless entertainment.

I like movies that actually make me think or have some introspect into life. I even like movies that parody real life, but not this mindless, sex and violence filled trend in the cinema.