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Thank you for information and advice.
I sure wish I could go back and do things differently but we all know that can’t happen.
I only want to do whats right and devote the rest of my life to our Lord and Savior.
On my good days I try to visit at nursing homes and take treats or Holy Cards. There are so many people that feel so abandoned there by their families and some don’t have family at all. I relate a lot to feeling the way they do, because for years I in a sense did not have any family.
I wish more Christian people knew what nursing homes are like. I am talking about the worst of the worst homes in whatever town they live in. It is like living hell to tell the truth. To see someones face light up when I visit and say a prayer for them is such a blessing. I like to stop along the way walking down the halls and speak a few words to no matter who it is. It’s such a sad place, but I can’t help but see Jesus in each and everyone there.
Guess I have said enough.
I see I have a lot of things to read that can maybe help me understand things better that maybe I was misinformed about.
Thank you for your insight and God bless you for all that you do in God’s name.