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If the Pope or a Council were to make a De Fide pronouncement on the subject then all Catholics would be bound to it. However the fact that you and your sources seem to have pre-empted any pronouncement and refused the intrerpetation of the pronouncements made in the past which would place you as the sole resident of the home you claim as your own, and not those who hold positions that the Church permits but do not support your own.

I completely support those who hold your position in union with the mind of the Church. That the belief that the BIblical stories of Creation are among the many possible ways God could have chosen to create the universe, and that God created everything out of nothing. That the human sould did not evolve from the soul of a lower animal, but at one point in time was created out of nothing and instilled into our first parents. That as the Hebrew word Yom can refer to the hours of daylight, excluding night-time, or a 24 hour period, or an exanse of time, leaving the Bible as the Inspired word of God, which teaches us truth by both literal and figurative narratives, not a science textbook.