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We are all lucky that your opinion does not have equal weight as the Pope.

You seem to have fallen under the greatest of the modernist error; if something is not Ex Cathedra it need can simply be ignored, if it is not to your liking. If it is to your liking then eveyone must listen to you. A very sad state to be in indeed. But we must as Catholics give heed to the Pope’s statements, even when not Ex Cathedra, in the light which he gives them in, rather than following the private opinions of websites like the one you presented. Much like the problems that the followers of Fr. Feeney who did not submit to the Church, and hold one of several positions that Catholics are allowed as De Fide, excluding all other possiblities that the Holy See has given approbation to, you position yourself with the Modernists by rejecting those aspects of Catholic teaching or areas where the Church has given guidlines to but not finalized and defined in the strictest sense..

For my part I’ll follow the Holy See. If the Holy See does close the matter by a De Fide statement, one which you have not presented. every Catholic including myself would have to assent to it, even if it was not what we understood before it was defined.