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Any postion which is named deaconess east or west is not in any way a part of Holy Orders. Altar Servers, while originally the minor order of acolyte are no longer ordained to minor orders, which were never part of the three positions within holy orders of deacon, priest and bishop. So there has been no change in the admission of women to Holy Orders.

If a Roman Catholic bishop in communion with the Holy See has attempted to do ordain a woman to holy orders, it is first invalid, and second a grave offense. It is up to the Holy See to discipline them.

There have been attempted ordaintion of women by Old Catholic bishops, the “womenpriests” who were excommunicated after they submitted to these attempted ordinations by Old Catholic bishops were declaired by the Holy See to be invalid, null and void. So I see no point in your posting your gripes here, unless you are of the Camp that proposes that anyone who is in Communion with the Pope is not a Catholic and only those who hold the Sede position remain so. If that is the case, you need to be honest with everyone on the board so they can evaluate the merit of your baiting posts.