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Using the folks at Catholic Family News as a resource explains why it is that you would reject not only the Neo-Modernist teachings which have been condemned by the Church, and which are taught by many of the liberal “theologians” and clergy of the past 40 years or so, but also the Authentic teachings of the Church which Popes from Pope Leo XIII, Pope St. Pius X, and Venerable Pope Pius XII have left us, and the Popes who CFN tends to disregard, and cast doubt on the Popes since Blessed John XXIII through the currently gloriously reigning Pope Benedict XVI. While walking a very fine line approaching the Sede Vacantist position. The writings of the editor and contributing reporters of the CFN have positioned themselves in a potentially dangerous place time and time again as has the SSPX by paying lipservice to the Holy See, while suggesting that the Popes since Vatican II can be dismissed or ignored. Having been in the center of the Lefebvre camp during the years I was in Econe, and seen the manipulation of Abp Lefebvre during his final years, I could no longer place myself or my former pseudo-superiors in a position of judging the Pope, as it seems you may be doing.

While you have couched your rejection of my orthodoxy with the use of “imho”, and lumped me with those who profess heretical and heterodox teachings, I would ask you to show where the Church prior to or after Vatican II required as De Fide the belief in a 6 day 24 hr Creation. I’d also like to know where I have posted, promoted or endorsed a teaching that is contrary to God being the creator of all things visibilium et invisibilium. That He did not create all things out of nothing, or if you will carefully re-read my posting that I endorsed the false teachings of the modernists. I would suggest that you and your sources have made as dangerous an error as the Modernists, by limiting yourselves to only those parts of the Magisterial Teachings of the Church that you find comfort in.

You remain in my poor prayers, as I hope I do in yours.