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As Catholics we trust in God’s grace and mercy. Those who were not raised in the Faith, have many times been prejudiced against what they have been told Catholics believe. The Catholic Church teaches, that for those who have been prejudiced against the truths Jesus gave the Catholic Church to preach to the ends of the earth, God will judge them based on what they knew and understood of Him. So if someone did not have the Chance to come to know God and the truths of His Church, we still remain hopeful that they too will be happy with God for all eternity. We have no way of being able to see the state of someone’s soul.

As Catholics we do not believe that all teachings contrary to the revealed truths Christ gave the Apostles are equal to those we hold, we do believe that the graces God gives to the world come to those who are not Catholic through His Church the excess Merits of Christ and the Saints can be recieved by non-Catholics too, out of our Lord’s love and desire for their salvation too. Because of this understanding of God’s love an mercy for all of us sinners, we can and must pray for people like your ex-boyfriend that he on some level is sorry for any offences he made against God during his lifetime, and that he cooperated with God’s graces to the best of his ability and understanding. While we pray for the recovery of his bodily health, we also pray for his spiritual health.