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"Rebecca’sGrandma":3w0j7qjo wrote:
But he is the one wanting to be converted, not her. Doesn’t this mean that he is not to use bc? How does this correlate to a non Catholic having to abide by Catholic law even if she is married to him?
I’m not intending to be ignorant, I’m just very good at it.[/quote:3w0j7qjo]
Unfortunatly there are probably several issues that we don’t know about, and some of them are very private, which he and she should both discuss with the priest at the parish where your son is taking instructions in the Catholic Faith. Even if he has not started instruction, they should make an appt with the parish priest and inform him that he is considering converting, so they can all three discuss what the Catholic Church teaches on the subject and why, so they both understand what will be asked of him once he converts.