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Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minuet?!?!?! Mary was a martyr? thats kinda weird considering you guys believe that she’s perfect and all…given that shes born without sin and stuff….
so they died as martyrs for our sake? waddya mean by that?
ok ok, she’s definitely not martyred the way the other early christians were martyred like being burned at the stake or fed to the lions, but since she had the most intimate relationship with the son of God then no other person in the world could be more hurt with what happened to our Lord than her, that’s all i’m saying…

and what’s confusing with saying that she’s a martyr although she had no sin? could you elaborate more please? how exactly do you define the word martyr?
One thing I have learned about the Catholic Church, you can always look up our teachings… one thing I learned about the Protestant faiths you can never find a reference for what they say the Catholic Church teaches [Catholic or Protestant] it just isn’t so.

Martyrdom and sinlessness are two different things, are you saying Mary couldn’t be both?

Hmmm… that would rule out even Christ sinless and a Martyr, he died for us all.

Definition of Martyr (Dictionary.com)

1] a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause:

2) a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause:

Throughout her life and until her last ordeal when Jesus her son died on the cross, Mary’s faith never wavered. She never ceased to believe in the fulfillment of God’s word. And so the Church venerates in Mary the purest realization of faith.

Our participation in Christ’s sacrifice

The cross is the unique sacrifice of Christ, the “one mediator between God and men”. But because in his incarnate divine person he has in some way united himself to every man, “the possibility of being made partners, in a way known to God, in the paschal mystery” is offered to all men. He calls his disciples to “take up [their] cross and follow [him]”, for “Christ also suffered for [us], leaving [us] an example so that [we] should follow in his steps(http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cf … SV#comm/21. “In fact Jesus desires to associate with his redeeming sacrifice those who were to be its first beneficiaries. This is achieved supremely in the case of his mother, who was associated more intimately than any other person in the mystery of his redemptive suffering (see luke 2:35)

Was not Mary’s soul pierced by her sons rejection:

Luke 2:35 (and a sword will pierce through your own soul also), that thoughts out of many hearts may be revealed.”

David Guzik (Protestant commentary:


c. A sword will pierce through your own soul also: It was important for Mary to know that mothering the Messiah would not be all sweetness and light. It was both a great privilege and a great burden.

i. Possibly no other human agonized as much over Jesus’ rejection and suffering as His mother did. This was not only because of the natural love of a mother, but also because His rejection was her rejection. Wonderfully, His vindication was hers also.
Biblically When they found Mary they found Jesus

Mat 2:11 and going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother

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