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"LARobert":1i2za820 wrote:

My postings can be long winded, so I don’t blame you if they were not clear to you, or anyone else on the board.

Did the last post clarify the difference between Catholics, (active or lapsed) and baptized non-Catholics?
this made good sense:

LA Robert, “Again John I think you are missing the point. You made a statement about Protestants who marry in a civil ceremony, as well as a statement about Protestant Marriages not being Sacramental, because (in part) Martin Luther denied all the Sacraments except for Baptism and the Eucharist (Which he taught a flawed understanding of). However the Church holds a different understanding than what you have posted, that being that Protestants, even though they may not understand or adhere to it, can and do enter into sacramental marriages, if both are baptized. The Church also holds these marriages to be so, until there is proof to the contrary. you then added to the mix, Catholics, either practicing or those who have defected from the Faith. My statements are with regard only to Protestants who have never been Catholics.
It reminds of the ancient Hebrews and three ways to Worship the One God:
True Worship = The law given to the people through the Prophets by God.

Stange Worship = similar to the Samaritans, acknowledged the One God differently .

Wrong Worship = which was Worship to aspects of God through hHis creation, though many, There Being One God alone it could only be worship to Him.

So Contary to luther’s theology, against/ opposite of the teachings of the Catholic Church it doesn’t change How the Church views these marriages. We still see these as valid Sacramental, because that’s what the Apostles and the Church taught through the ages their teaching [protestant] may be strange or may be wrong however we (the church) recognize them for what they actually are.

Thanks! I can appreciate and acknowledge that.
and by the way, my posts can also be long winded, but that’s necessary to get the point across, it is in my experience, protestants will call out a single verse in Scripture to disprove a teaching, and then don’t stick around long enough for our explanation. Explanations take time and thank you for yours!

God bless,