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"LARobert":a1fwo2oe wrote:
Again John I think you are missing the point. You made a statement about Protestants who marry in a civil ceremony, as well as a statement about Protestant Marriages not being Sacramental, because (in part) Martin Luther denied all the Sacraments except for Baptism and the Eucharist (Which he taught a flawed understanding of). However the Church holds a different understanding than what you have posted, that being that Protestants, even though they may not understand or adhere to it, can and do enter into sacramental marriages, if both are baptized. The Church also holds these marriages to be so, until there is proof to the contrary. ..

As Catholics we are not simply given a more extensive and comprehensive access to the Truths of God, but a greater responsibility to live up to and proclaim that Truth.[/quote:a1fwo2oe]
Hi LARobert,
I thought as I was posting the line was getting blurred, however it was starting to sound to me more like a generalization.

Yes, Luther taught a
I still cannot agree with the Justice of the peace by Catholic or protestant standards [what is it 33% of the world believes are christians], so those knowingly avoiding Official Nuptials to me are skirting the Religious aspect, or may just have a spiritually ill idea of the Church, i.e. a church is a church, is a church. that’s where they are in their journey, coming to the Church they’ll still have to get right with the Church.

if you apply marriage in the civil form to the 40% pagan population through no fault of their own I give in! And as you stated it’s two different issues.
Thanks for bearing with me!
God bless,