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"LARobert":of25sb8q wrote:
I stand by what I wrote…. Here is a paragraph from the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia on the subject….

Through baptism one “becomes a member of Christ and is incorporated in the body of the Church”, as declared in The Florentine Decree for the Armenians; so far as law is concerned, …

While it is true that many Non-Catholics and Catholics alike may have entered into an invalid marriage for several reasons including a contraceptive mentality, or entereing into the marriage with the mental state of, “If this does not work out, I can always get a divorce.”

Hello LA Robert,

I don’t know what legs you have left to stand on? However:

Context is important:

The Florentine decree for the Armenians? Wow! That’s in 439 A.D. The Reformation hasn’t even happened yet. This was a decree concerning the Greek Orthodox Church, Also Catholic. A council concerned with bringing together the East and Western Church.

There is a differnce in Baptisms they fully immerse in water, As catholics we sprinkle, but believe in the full immersion of the holy Spirit either way

Nobody is denying Grace given in Marriage, that’s God’s prerogative, but then again there’s too many outs, and again even the protestants themselves admit to a civil ceremony.
Marriage in the Catholic church is Covenantal, indissoluble til death, unless proven it was entered into with wrong intention or hidden vices.

I quote Vatican II Catechism, you give me ‘YE OLD Catholic Encyclopedia’

The Old Catholic Encyclopedia was designed to serve the Roman Catholic Church, concentrating on information related to the Church and explaining matters from the Catholic point of view.
…Since the encyclopedia was first published starting in 1907 and has never been updated, many of its entries may be out of date either with respect to the wider culture or to the Catholic ecclesiastical world. In particular it predates the creation of the Vatican City State (1929) and the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965) which introduced many significant changes in Catholic practice.
I’ll give you its convenient because it is considered public Property [being prior to copyright laws] and can be easily found on line. But then again so is the catechism


And until Vatican II the Church was staunch on ‘No Salvation outside the Catholic Church’ 848, but we lightened up because we could not hold accountable people born and baptized 100 yrs. after the reformation who lived in accordance with the Christ based faith they were raised in 847, We do however believe that if they seek, ask, and knock diligently about Scriptures that truth found in these religions will lead to the True gospels, and the Church 843, they can’t help but to become Catholic.

Again Luther took away the ‘power’ of the Priesthood, by denying it.
Remember Protestants live by ‘faith alone,’ believe in personal relationship with Christ only, and these are not biblical based but man made principals against the Church.

If you don’t believe the Catechism of the Present church I suggest see your Pastor. or find me a better reference.

God bless,

p.s. read more about the council Of Florentine 1439, from what i remember the Two church’s we to become one again, however the initiating Patriarch died and his successor backed out of the agreement.. the statute is still on the books.