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A review of Lionel’s postings reveals a few things.

First most postings refer you to his own Blog. Hardly an unbiased source. His Blog distorts facts, at times they are simply based on nothing but Lione’s own vivid imagination. An example being the mix of a few words of Lumen Gentium with editorialsim which I don’t think Lionel is capable of writing.

Secondly, his postings are not based on reality. Catholicism dot org is the website of one small group of former followers of the late Fr. Leonard Feeney. Fr. Feeney was taken to task by not only the Archbishop of Boston (Later Cardinal Archbishop Cushing) but the Holy Office which at that time was headed by none other than Pope Pius XII, who himself taught to the entire Church the proper interpretation of Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus. It is a far cry from the rigorist misinterpretation of the constant teaching of the Church held by Lionel and others who proclaim themselves to know more than the Church, and judge the Church as in error for not following Fr. Feeney’s teachings. The sisters at Catholic dot org were received back into full communion with the Church under the condition that they agree that Baptism of Blood and Baptism or Desire, as well as Invincible Ignorance were valid teachings of the Church. While the Church has not formally and Dogmatically defined EENS, and the Sisters who have posted the website accept this, Lionel tries to distort the facts.

More distortions by Lionel. It would seem that he spends most of his time trolling around Catholic and Non-Catholic websites posting, being banned for refusing to follow forum rules, (Many Catholic blogs and forums do not allow the discussion of EENS because of the damage caused by Feeneyites who distort Catholic teachings and promote fights on their sites.) Lionel and others like him feel that since they have a special truth that nobody, including the Pope adheres to, they are exempt from the forum rules. Even though Lionel has been informed that groups like the Slaves in Los Angeles who were originally a mission of the sisters who own Catholics dot org when they were excommunicated, were not received into the Church with them, nor are they still a part of the now Catholic group, but the still non-canonical group in New Hampshire, he continues to disseminate and distort facts.

It would seem that for Lionel, the ends justifies the means. If he needs to disorient people by his postings which distort the facts, and play a game of slight of hand by seeming to refer to authentically Catholic documents and decrees like Lumen Gentium, but place his own spin on it, not distinguishing what is part of the authentic teaching of the Church, and what is his own rant, no real, honest discussion can take place.

Albert Einstien, who Lionel would tell us is now burning in hell because he was not a member of the Catholic Church in life, once said, “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” The fact is what Lionel claims is a Dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church is not, and what the Church authentically teaches is distorted by Lionel potentially causing the loss of souls to what the Church does in fact teach.