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You and your husband would both be welcome to attend RCIA, a series of classes that goes through the information on the teachings and practices of the Church. Even if he himself does not have an interest in converting at this time, it would always be good for him to know about your and your child’s faith.

As to communion, first you would not receive communion until you’ve already been baptized. You are not required to recieve from the chalice, so there should be no issues with sulfites. I’ve never heard of problems with sulfites from the hosts, (altar breads) the only people who have had issues with the hosts, are people with very severe gluten allergies, and that is very rare. Since sulfites are added to crackers, and other wheat products to extend the shelf life and altar breads used in the Catholic Church are only allowed to be made of wheat flour and water, no other additives, including sulfites, the possiblitly is near zero if any that you would have any problems.

I’m sure I can speak for all here in you and your family being in our prayers.