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LARobert – Re your post #16, correct me if I’m wrong, but here again the SDA’s don’t understand. The Pope’s title is not Vicarius Filii Dei but Vicarius Christi which does not add up to 666. But alas!! It’s so much more fun being anti-Catholic and spreading falsehoods than it is to know the truth and have to choke on their own words. After all humility can be soooo embarrassing to one’s ego.
It boggles the mind how many Protestants think that the CC, who after years of careful study, prayer, and guidance put together a set of books that in no way contradicted what was being taught for 300+ years, proclaims those books as being the word of God and the true teachings of God, then they come along 1500+ years later and read these Books that the CC put together and then accuse the CC of going against those same books she Canonized.

God Bless.