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I would have been curious to see the video, but it has been removed from You Tube. No matter; probably best taken down.

I would not refer anyone to get religious instruction from You Tube, in any case. Which is why I stated that the OP only use official readings approved by the Church. The OP had a lot of questions about Catholicism (not Christianity in general) which could not be answered in a forum because of time and space alone. I’m lucky, I work near this store.


I wonder at the need to parody and misrepresent another religion. I find that Catholics are afforded no deference.

I do not feel compelled to parody or misrepresent other religions for my own purpose. However, there does seem to be a “field day” with Catholics. Though some of this was “old news”, where was the outcry over the artwork which was of a Crucifix in a glass of urine, or the Madonna painted and displayed here in NY which was painted with dung? Rather the press made more want to see the Madonna “painting.” I sometimes see “open season” on Catholics and we should be objecting more.

None of this would go over if it were a parody or misrepresentation of another religion. I think the outcry if Jewish religious articles were placed in urine would be heard around the world — and no museum on this earth would dare show it — rightly so and free expression aside. I accept the line drawn by the Court at “time, place and manner.”