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Regarding Yarelis link to the video, I’ve seen it and others before. It’s a mix of folks and quite skillfully edited to misrepresent Catholic Teaching.

Once again, the Protestants, including former Catholic Clergy and Religious in the film are making statements here that disregard Catholic teaching and replace it with a parody of Catholic Teaching.

No Catholic who knows his or her faith believes that we can “work ourselves into heaven.” or that we don’t need Jesus and His work on the Cross for our Salvation. No Catholic who knows his faith believes that Jesus or the Saints are superior to Jesus. No Catholic who knows his faith believes that in the Mass that Jesus is re-sacrificed. However these folks repeat the same anti-Catholic lies, and make a good living making their rounds “exposing” the Catholic Church. They pander to the same groups who have been told falsehoods (contrary to the Command to not bar false witness.) which have been disproved over and over.