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You’ve tipped your hand as a follower of Ellen G White. Since the Church she started a bit over 100 years ago, with it’s emphasis on Anti-Catholic distortions and outright lies, rewriting of history to the faulty scriptural interpretation gives you little credibility.

First, the New Testament was formed and the books that are in the Catholic Bible are the same as the Protestant Bible because a Council of the Catholic Church decided which would be included in the NT. You see the Bible OT and NT was determined by a Council of the Catholic Church and only later did Protestants edit the Bible to follow their new religion, and re-constructed Jesus.

As for the numbering of the Ten Commandments, you’ve been tricked into believing that the Catholic Church has omitted the command about not bowing before idols, but untrustworthy sources that you have used have again led you down the wrong path believing something that is not true.

Sadly I could go on and on about all the misconceptions you’ve been fed about the teachings of the Catholic Church. But I don’t think at this time you could objectivly listen, as you’ve apparently placed more faith in the writers of these falshoods you have in hearing the truth.