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simply because many states are legalizing homosexual marriages is NOT a reason for the Church to start allowing same sex marriages. The Church cannot and will not ever change on its doctrines and teachings. The ECF’s, Basil, Chrysostom, Augustine, to name a few spoke out against homosexual acts and this teaching has remained constant. So the CC cannot change its teachings and bend to the whims of the world. We are all called to live chaste lives, whether married or single. God created them male and female and commanded them to go out and multiply. Two male or two females, cannot naturally, as God intended, multiply. Even with the natural order of things, the male and female organs were made to compliment one other and fulfill the intended within natural law. The Church can never accept a natural perversion much less endorse it. You may reply that the Church has accepted pedophiles. No, it does not accept such acts. That these perverts got into the Church and their actions were hidden by many bishops is not Church teachings Remember, that this abomination is not strictly a CC issue but a social issue that is quite prevalent in all sorts of professions but that is for another thread.