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ok i’ve been away from here a long time and just found my details to log back in

LARobert – i see were you are coming from with the world that God created for us to live on but God himself as we know him already could see the future and what the world would be like and if he already knew why didn’t he stop it from happening this way?

i think he himself wanted us to be humans and not’ robots’ in a sense as he gave us minds to think and create, so we make mistakes everyone does and those that haven’t are too serious about life and always sticking by ‘the book’ when we should be living our lives that God gave us to live, otherwise how else would we learn right from wrong and i know people have different opinions on what im saying here of what is right? what is wrong? not everyone knows this. i think the only way to know is to go out there in the world that God made for us to live our lives to the fullest. besides who is to say that being a homosexual is wrong? i know that it is excepted now in the christian faith.

you say sinners but i say people that have made mistakes and people living their lives the way they want to. the way they see is right.