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But that’s the issue, Mary never had children besides Christ. Or do you believe that, as we are all considered brothers and sisters of Christ, we all have the same mother of Mary? Those are his cousins, my friend. Furthermore, the point is that with your flawed interpretation of scripture, you think that there is a disagreement between Paul and James. Whereas they are both, when fully understood, are on the EXACT, SAME, PAGE. It is merely you who sees the “disagreement”.
The Catholic Church doesn’t contradict itself with Scripture. Those who are interpreting the Scriptures away from the Leadership of the Church sadly, are, as seen in your previous posts and refusal to read our posts. We’ve constantly said that these works that are in Ephesians are the MOSAIC WORKS. Not Christian works of Charity. Or, have you not read the Gospel? Matthew 25:31-46.
Just because something is “explicit” doesn’t mean that the entire, full meaning of what someone is talking about is in the words if the context is lost. Whereas those who are not lead by the Holy Spirit are focused on scraps of Sacred Scripture (which is a part of Sacred Tradition), the Catholic Church is focused on the Entirety of Sacred Scripture.