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On the Contrary, what the Publisher (Jon) states is correct, far more than the heresy of “faith alone”. It seems that you, my friend, are the person that has not read any of the NT. If taken into the proper context, you see that the entire bible supports Church Doctrine.

In turn, I wish that you would visit this site more, and this site :


Faith Alone is unscriptural, and is a PERFECT example of how individuals, away from the Church which is lead by the holy spirit, misinterpret scripture to a rather disgusting degree. And in terms of your statement of “They are there propounding faith and deeds as justification. Also, Paul is there saying faith alone is justification. Both are there …. take your pick.”, this shows a large misinterpretation as well as a failure to read what I stated. Paul states rightly that Faith leads to and is justification, and that it is not Mosaic Law that saves us. And James rightly explains that it is not Faith ALONE, which was what was misinterpreted by the letters of Paul. Do you not see the connection with the use of Abraham as an example?

Faith and “Good Works” or, Christian deeds of Love and Charity, are complementary ways which lead us to Christ. Faith Alone is dead, and leads those who believe it to be dead. Whereas Good Works alone are also not sufficient. Both, however are. The same way that Christ is both Human and God. The same way that Man and Woman are, when joined, complete.

So, to finish this, Faith Alone is, has been, and always will be, unscriptural, as unscriptural as Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptura) is. Faith and Good Works are both neccessary.