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"Jon":28ad102b wrote:
You want sources? Google is your friend,[/quote:28ad102b]
In detail, explain this a little further. I’m still feel like this is more of an insult than anything else

"Jon":28ad102b wrote:
"James":28ad102b wrote:
us miserable, sinful beings[/quote:28ad102b]
You know that’s a Luther thing, right?[/quote:28ad102b]
Of course I know that, because it’s true. We are nothing but beings that, at birth, were already dead in sin. Read my next response for a better picture…

"Jon":28ad102b wrote:
Luther had some serious hang ups, namely scruples, which seriously affected his theology. Let us not forget that in Genesis God looked at everything he had made and saw it was good. As God’s creation we are not wretched, but good. In our own doing we have run away from God, but God offers us a way to return, through his son, Jesus.[/quote:28ad102b]
There are three things that causes us to Sin: The Devil, our sinful behavior and the World as a whole. Of course God created all for good, but God can’t have what he wants, now can He?

"Jon":28ad102b wrote:
And no, I do not believe that the Holy Spirit inspired a fractured Church. Jesus prayed for our unity in the garden, why on earth would the Spirit inspire division?[/quote:28ad102b]
Inspire division? More like trying to correct the nasty habits the Papists and the Catholic Church got itself into hundreds of years earlier.

"Jon":28ad102b wrote:
P.S. The doctrine of the trinity isn’t explicit in the Scriptures. Do you still accept that teaching?[/quote:28ad102b]
Of course I do. For one to even call himself a Christian (be it a Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian, etc.) it is necessary to believe this along with the virgin birth and in Christ’s resurrection.