The Pray More Healing Retreat

An Online Healing Experience: The Pray More Healing Retreat

We recently discovered a great opportunity to pursue healing online, and we wanted to share it with you here! It’s called The Pray More Healing Retreat.

Healing is something we all need, whether that’s healing from sin, from illness, from loss, from abuse… God heals the brokenhearted and binds up our wounds.

The Pray More Healing Retreat starts on on August 6th — that’s a little more than two weeks away! You can sign up for it here.

The Pray More Healing Retreat is a self-paced, online retreat. It’s just like an in-person retreat that you can experience at home — anywhere, anytime.

They have six speakers for this retreat, and altogether, 20 videos focused on healing, suffering, and growing closer to God through your circumstances. They also share study guides for each talk and a transcript of each talk if you’d rather read through those talks listead of listening or watching them.

The speakers are Maura Preszler, Tim Glemkowski, Amy Thomas, Gary Zimak, Bonnie Engstrom, and Mario St. Francis Herrera.

Some of the retreat talks are about healing from specific problems — things like anxiety and worry, abuse, miscarriage, divorce, addiction or sin.

Other talks are about God’s faithfulness in the darkest of times.

Some are about what to do when you don’t receive the healing you’ve been praying for and working towards.

All things are possible with Christ, including our healing — particularly the healing of our hearts and souls.

You can register for the retreat here:

All of the materials will be released on Monday, August 6th.

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