What Are Catholic Virtues About Catholics

What are Catholic Virtues?

Ever heard of the expression “patience is a virtue” and wonder what that exactly means? What exactly are virtues and why is patience one of them? Let’s dive in and talk more about the catholic virtues and how they impact our lives.

7 Virtues Definition

Virtue by definition is conduct showing high moral standards. Virtues can also be a quality that a person possesses that is morally good. It can also be something that you can attain through habits.

The seven virtues are two types of virtues combined, which are human virtues and virtues given by God. These virtues are what help us combat the catholic seven deadly sins.

What is the Catholic Seven Virtues Definition?

The Catholic Church regards virtues on a deeper level. The Church deems virtues as gifts and graces that are given by God that permanently exist in our souls. They have a particular meaning and objective, which primarily helps us become good people.

The Church has two categories of virtues, which are theological virtues and cardinal virtues.

What is the Meaning of Cardinal Virtues?

Cardinal virtues are also called moral virtues, or human virtues. Essentially, these virtues can be acquired and honed through the practice of habit. The four main cardinal virtues are prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. The Church regards Cardinal Virtues as “stable dispositions of the intellect and will that govern our acts, order our passions, and guide our conduct in accordance with reason and faith” (CCC 1834).

What is the Meaning of Theological Virtues?

Theological virtues are gifts and graces from God. This means, they are given to us openly and freely by God and are naturally embedded in our own human nature. Cardinal virtues are rooted in theological virtues, while theological virtues directly come from God. The theological virtues are faith, hope, and charity (or love). These virtues are what relate us to God himself, and what makes us act as children of God, and most importantly, they are the pledge of presence and action of the Holy Spirit in the faculties of the human being. (CCC 1813)

What is the Meaning of Virtuous Woman or Virtuous Man?

When you were growing up, you can probably hear you can hear your mother or grandmother giving you advice and telling you to strive to be a “virtuous woman” or a “virtuous man” That can be confusing, so let’s discuss further what exactly does becoming a virtuous woman or a virtuous man mean?

Relating back to our definition of virtue, it is a quality that a person possesses that is morally good. Therefore, a virtuous person is a person who acquires a moral character. Someone who believes that being good is truly the right thing, and not just for show for others. A virtuous man or woman would have qualities that other people would admire and follow as a good example.

How to be a Virtuous Person?

The best way to start becoming a virtuous person is through developing a great prayer life. Prayer is very essential in our life. It is the key and personal communication that we have with God, therefore, we should always find ways to nurture it and keep it healthy and a priority.

If you’re struggling with honing your own prayer life, we can recommend a few online resources that you can try that might help, such as attending online catholic retreats. One of our favorite online catholic retreats is The Pray More Retreat. They do three retreats every year, which really helps setting time with God throughout the year. Their retreats are all online, and free to join.

Another great way to become a virtuous person is by regularly participating in sacraments. The sacraments that we highly suggest you do often is the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Going to confession regularly and attending Mass minimum on Sundays, is a great way to hone and build your virtues. You can also go into spiritual direction with your local priest or lay advisor.

There are a lot of more ways you can do to become a virtuous person, but it really all starts with the openness and willingness to be one.

Catholic Virtues

We hope you enjoyed our post on the virtues Catholic Church. If you want to read more about the different catholic practices and values, check out our posts on the Ten Commandments, and the Sacraments

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