the beauty of inner healing

The Beauty of Inner Healing

Healing is one of the most beautiful gifts that God has ever given us, as healing is always a path to something beautiful, a path that can make us truly enjoy the free will that God has given us.

As humans, it is in our reality and nature to experience the different ups and downs of life. Although not everyone goes through the same things, but one thing’s for sure, we will all go through challenges, hurts, and brokenness at one point in our life.

Naturally, the next step after going through something difficult is healing. God gave us the gift of healing as it is something significant in our growth as humans and as children of God.

In this post, we won’t just talk about healing per se, but go on deeper with Inner healing. What is inner healing and how can we achieve it? Is inner healing something we need as humans? Well, let’s go and find out!

Inner Healing Definition

Inner healing can be defined as a kind of healing that focuses on repairing brokenness with hurts and issues on yourself, others, and God.

Why is Inner Healing Important?

Inner healing is a crucial part of our journey and walks with Christ in our life. Without inner healing, it can be more difficult and challenging for us to respond to God’s love and graces in our life.

Do We Need Inner Healing?

It is no doubt that we go through a lot of different kinds of hurts and suffering in life. Not all our challenges leave us with scars, but for sure, there will be some trials in our life that are more difficult to deal with and move on from.

This is why we need inner healing. Inner healing will help you get through those painful moments and see them with forgiving eyes through the help of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

How Do We Start Inner Healing?

We all have varying types of pain that we deal with in our lives, not everyone is the same, and that is okay. Some people have to go through professional help to guide them properly on their path to inner healing. Seeking spiritual direction with a priest or your spiritual director is a good way to start inner healing. Some may need more professional counseling and therapy with a psychologist or a psychiatrist which is a great option too.

But it is important to remember that it starts from within. First, you must be willing to be healed or to go through the process of healing in order for you to start your journey towards inner healing. A person may not be truly healed if he/she is not willing to actively participate in it.

What Can I Do to Help Me in My Inner Healing Journey?

Four letters, one word. Pray! Prayer is very powerful. It is our direct line and contact with God. Oftentimes, people forget the importance and power of prayer as it is seen as something repetitive and monotonous. Yes, there are prayers that are meant to be repeated, but it is so much more than repeating words.

In this journey, you can seek Prayer as your strength and power and something that you can rely on and hold on to. Pray for your healing, for the people that have hurt you, and for the healing of people who you know or do not know.

A great activity that can help you with your healing journey is attending Catholic Healing Retreats. There are a lot of great healing retreats that are available out there that you can easily access. One of our favorites is the PrayMore Healing Retreat. Their retreats are all exclusively online which makes it really accessible for everyone and anyone in the world to partake in.

The Forms of Inner Healing

It is also good to know that Inner Healing comes in different forms, it may come in places and areas in your life that you do not fully understand, but it will always be something that God will give for your growth and welfare.

Remember, even if our hurts and wounds may seem like they will never leave us, God gave us the gift of Inner Healing. Through healing, we will find beauty and consolation in our scars.

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