Five Great Ideas for Advent

Advent is the season of preparation for Christmas. It is a waiting period for the celebration of the anniversary of Jesus coming into the world.

Here are some great ideas for you (and your family) to get into the spirit of Advent!

  1. Make or buy an Advent wreath and use it. To make an advent wreath you’ll need
    • a wreath,
    • a round candle holder that holds 4 candles,
    • 3 violet candles and 1 pink candle.

    You can buy all of these things at any decent craft store. The candles you may have to purchase from a Catholic supply store
    to get the right colors. Put it all together and each week light a candle! My family likes to light the current candle(s) for the particular week in advent when we all gather at the table for a meal (typically in the evening). At a minimum, it adds some nice ambience.

  2. Advent calendars can be fun ways to get your kids involved in counting down the days until Christmas. You can make your own or buy one in the stores.
  3. Break out the Bible and read the weekly mass readings ahead of time. Read them in light of how they prepare you to celebrate Jesus’ incarnation.
  4. Make Advent resolutions. Resolve to give something up…permanently! I know we typically give up something for Lent (and many go right back to it), but consider doing it for Advent (it is the beginning of the church calendar)! Is there a habit you have been trying to break? Is there something in your life keeping you from Christ? Make an Advent resolution to give that up and grow your relationship with Jesus.
  5. Do not put up Christmas decorations until Christmas. While major retailers put up Christmas decorations earlier and earlier (I saw some at the beginning of October this year!) Christmas does not start until December 25 and lasts
    for 12 days until we celebrate Epiphany on January 6. With being bombarded by retailers for several months before December 25th it’s easy to burn out on Christmas by the time it arrives.


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